Friday, October 17, 2008

Saviour Machine: II (5/5)

Year: 1996
Label: Massacre Records
Genre: Apocalyptic Gothic Metal
TRT: 76:20

This band has been around for nearly twenty years, and released an immense amount of music over the course of those two decades, with each of their five release (save their first) clocking in at well over an hour.

And even more remarkable, each of their albums are almost exclusively about the end of the world. Somehow, they are able to maintain the quality of their content, and for the most part managing to avoid rehashing the same old themes in the same old ways.

II was their second release, and out classes all the others in my mind, as it's far more philosophical and subtle than their subsequent releases (all of which revolve heavily around the biblical books of Revelation and Daniel), and because of this, it comes off as the most passionate and genuine of the lot.

This also might be one of the most epic albums I've ever heard, containing one of the most epic songs ever written (The Stand). The instrumentation is nearly flawless, especially the drumming, and the flow from song to song is seamless most of the time, with beautifully executed transitions, especially the one, two three punch of Enter the Idol/The Hunger Circle/Child in Silence. I'm not one for a song-by-song analysis, so I'll refrain from going into any more detail, except to mention the only taint on the entire album, which is the grating and superfluous Ascension of Heroes, which I always skip over.

If you like gorgeous and moving music coupled with soaring passionate vocals and dark themes, you have no excuse for passing this over.

01 Savior Machine I
02 The Gates
03 Enter the Idol
04 The Hunger Circle
05 Child in Silence
06 Ascension of Heroes
07 Paradox
08 The Stand
09 American Babylon
10 Ceremony
11 Overture
12 Love Never Dies
13 Savior Machine II

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