Friday, August 28, 2009

Tim Koch: Faena (4/5)

Year: 2006
Genre: Atmospheric Electronic Glitch
Label: Merck
TRT: 59:30

When I first got a hold of this release in 2006, it made an impression on me, and ended up barely missing a spot on my top ten list for the year.

After revisiting it a great deal of late, it startles me how much more I like it now as opposed to then. Very lush textures composed of interesting electronic beats, with a warm and inviting atmosphere accented by a healthy dose of glitch. Brings to mind Telefon Tel Aviv, or a more ambient and less spastic Autechre.

it’s a great album to listen to start to finish while driving or performing some other task.

01 Introduct
02 Distantamount
03 Ellermanstraat
04 Groove 90
05 Take The Stairs
06 Attery Bop
07 Intensive Porpoises
08 Blue And Grey
09 Shalike
10 Macrome
11 Gulf Streams
12 Seven Ate Nine
13 Kilteroff
14 X_To_M
15 Truth Sinks In
16 Waiting Room
17 Cutcut

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