Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Klever: In the Name of Peace and Progress (4.5/5)

Year: 2005
Genre: Progressive Post-Rock
Label: Self Released
TRT: 43:54

Post-rock has been in its death-throes for a while now, with countless bands popping up everywhere, but contributing nothing to further the sound. But every time I think “that’s it, that’s the last post-rock album I’m going to waste my time on”, I stumble on one like this.

Hailing from the frozen tundra of St. Petersburg, they pull from their roots by using many traditional Russian folk instruments (such as the zhalejka horn), as well as an assortment of flutes, strings and other more esoteric instruments, giving their compositions a decidedly prominent folk twist that helps keep your ears on their proverbial toes.

I’m definitely buying their album (if I can ever get them to reply to me), because I want more material from this innovative group of musicians. I hope you do too.

01 Trip #1
02 Trip #2
03 Trip #3
04 Trip #4
05 Trip #5



paolo said...

sorry but i can't contact you via mail or anything else... your blog is really great and i was wondering if you're interested in an experimental duo (where i play bass) called Mumble Mumble Mumble (see link for the myspace page) because i think that it would fit awesomely on your posts...
you can download the full record for free on myspace, hope you'll like it!

PS: you can delete this comment after you read it

thank you!

Media Reviews said...

hey Prae, this intrigues me a bit. Thanks.

impronen said...

Have you heard from them? Because I would also be interested in buying they're album.