Saturday, December 4, 2010

The Caretaker: The Persistent Repetition of Phrases (4.5/5)

Year: 2008
Genre: Ambient Meanderings through Atmospheric Soundscapes
Label: Install
TRT: 43:43

Imagine you land a job as the groundskeeper for an extremely exclusive and high-society resort located in a very remote region up in the mountains, that closes down for the winter season due to the snow drifts thhat inevitable cut off transportation to and from.

Imagine you're a writer, and this is the perfect opportunity for you and your wife and young child to get away for a little R & R while you work on your next book.

Imagine, also, that the hotel is haunted, and the longer you stay, the more overcome by spirits you become.

Next imagine you walk into a ballroom that should be completely vaccant and devoid of life, but instead it is bustling with people and a dinner party is underway. You walk to the bar and order a drink from the bartender, and sit and chat for a while, as you sink further and further into madness.

The Caretaker began his career in pursuit of emulating this famous scenario from the Stephen King classic, as well as deriving his name from it. And although this is not the record he wrote for that (check out Scenes From the Haunted Ballroom), it evokes that same eerie, classical vibe. You're almost certain you've heard the songs before, but you're not sure if you were dreaming, and you have a niggling suspicion that it wasn't a pleasant dream if you were. Which is actually exactly what this album focuses on, memory loss and things just on the edge of what the mind retains.

This album has an absolutely gorgeous atmosphere to it. Nostalgic and melancholic, walking the knife's edge between cozy warmth, and dark despair.

01Lacunar Amnesia

02Persistent Repetition of Phrases

03Rosy Retrospection

04Long Term (Remote)

05Poor Enunciation

06Past Life Regression

07False Memory Syndrome

08Von Restorff Effect

09Unmasking Alzhiemer's

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