Thursday, May 8, 2008

God is an Astronaut: Far From Refuge (4/5)

Year: 2007
Label: Revive
Genre: Post Rock
TRT: 43:02

Post Rock has been stagnanting over the last few years as more and more bands try to emulate the founders of the genre. God is an Astronaut must have missed the memo, because they've only been improving. Far From Refuge is a sweeping collection of songs with a wonderful brooding shoegaze atmosphere. Similar to This Will Destroy You, they find it unnecessary to draw out their compositions to make a point, with not a single song hitting the seven minute mark.

Recommended if you're just getting in to the genre, or are looking for a fresh approach to it.

01 Radau
02 Far From Refuge
03 Sunrise in Aries
04 Grace Descending
05 New Years End
06 Darkfall
07 Tempus Horizon
08 Lateral Noise
09 Beyond the Dying Light

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Anonymous said...


Thank you so much for this album! I'd been searching for something 'smooth' to listen to for awhile.

And in general; this is a really good idea for a blog.