Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Merzbow & John Wiese: Multiplication (4.5/5)

Year: 2004
Label: Misanthropic Agenda
Genre: Harsh Noise/Power Electronics
TRT: 61:14

I was addicted to noise as a genre for a period of time, and it changed my perspective on many things, not all of them music related. I had been deeply entrenched in noise for about a year when I picked up this cd. I bought it because I knew of Merzbow, and had tried to crack open his massive discography to no avail. Also, the sweet digipack had a hand in convincing me to drop the $10.

I was a bit aprehensive, having been let down by previous material, but Multiplication sucked me in from the start. Furious sonic assault and swirling stridency combined with immense texture and the mass of a black hole converged on my senses, pushing me past the point of resistence, and into the warm pool of numb wonder beyond the wall.

John Wiese
& Merzbow collaborated through the internet to create this masterpiece, with the former covering the first five tracks, and the latter the sprawling closer. I don't listen to noise on a regular basis anymore, but when I do, this is one of the handful of albums I go to for my cacophonic fix.

01 Bonanza
02 Luxor Skyship
03 Spell
04 New Wave Dust II
05 Erotic Westernscape
06 Multiplication

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