Thursday, July 10, 2008

Controlled Bleeding: Shanked & Slithering (4/5)

Year: 2005
Label: Soleilmoon Recordings
Genre: Power Electronics Noise
TRT: 79:41

I picked up this album along with about 8 other noise cds at a Wolf Eyes show I attended a few years ago, but I only recently gave it a serious listen, and it has risen above the rest. One night I popped this record into my stereo system and listened to it VERY LOUD at 2am whilst reading Stephen King's The Dark Tower saga (the saga that named this journal). It was an aurally overwhelming, brutally divine experience. It's a bit difficult to put into words how some noise is better than other noise, or to sequester the differences found within "the good stuff". All I can say is, once you release yourself and let this sinister wall of sound wash over you, once you find the warmth in letting go of everything, maybe you'll understand a little more.

This is really a compilation that spans the groups vast career, which makes the consistancy of quality it all the more remarkable. They have released nearly 30 records since 1983, covering many different genre along the way.

01 Swallowing Scrap Metal No. 9
02 Shanked And...
03 Bees No. 1
04 Bees No. 2
05 Dry Lung
06 Vole
07 Experiments Infuck
08 Bladder Bags (Session No. 1)
09 Hymn No. 1
10 Horsemeat (Yak Remix)
11 Swallowing No. 5 (Power Mix)
12 Bladder Bags (Session No. 2)
13 Hymn No. 2

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