Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Ulver: Svidd Neger (4.5/5)

Year: 2003
Label: Jester
Genre: Epic Experimental Film Score
TRT: 32:39

Generally this release gets criminally overlooked among the host of other releases by the Wolves of Norway. Originally i had downloaded a bogus copy with a bunch of weird and awful crap spliced in to the rest of it. When I finally realized I didn't have the real deal and aquired it, I was blown away with it's beauty. I've never seen the film, but it better be gorgeous enough to do this soundtrack justice. It really leaves you wanting to hear more.

01 Preface
02 Ante Andante
03 Comedown
04 Surface
05 Somnam
06 Wild Cat
07 Rock Massif pt. 1
08 Rock Massif pt. 2
09 Poltermagda
10 Mummy
11 Burn the Bitch
12 Sick Soliloquy
13 Waltz King of Karl
14 Sadface
15 Fuck Fast
16 Wheel of Conclusion

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