Friday, February 27, 2009

Earth: The Bees Made Honey in the Lions Skull (4.5/5)

Joshua's Top 10 Non-Metal Albums of 2008
#4 out of 10

Year: 2008
Genre: Southern Drone Rock
Label: Southern Lord
TRT: 53:24

Perfectly crafted tracks with immense depth and character are nothing new from these pioneers, but who would have guessed drone could be this catchy? Never before has a drone album captured my attention as fully as this one. This has to be the most accessible drone record ever written. Earth have truly reinvented themselves, and I for one am extremely impressed.

01 Omens and Portents I: The Driver
02 The Driver
03 Miami Morning Coming Down II (Shine)
04 Engine of Ruin
05 Omens and Portents II: The Carrion Crow
06 Hung From the Moon
07 The Bees Made Honey In The Lions' Skull

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impronen said...

I'll be taking a listen to this as well. I have been thinking of getting into the real drone pioneers but 'haven't had the time' or something. Lame excuses aside, now I'll take them up.

impronen said...

I'm halfway through now. Listening to Engine of Ruin and this stuff is just one of the best albums in a while. Amazingly good.