Friday, February 27, 2009

Nine Inch Nails: The Slip (4.5/5)

Joshua's Top 10 Non-Metal Albums of 2008
#3 out of 10

Year: 2008
Genre: Electro Glitch Rock
Label: Null Corporation
TRT: 43:47

Trent Reznor has come a long way since the days when he would force fans to wait 5 or more years between records. With Year Zero released a mere two years after With Teeth, following that a year later with Ghosts I-IV. And then scarcely two months after the digital release of Ghosts, Reznor springs another full length album, The Slip.

There’s a rumor circulating the internet that The Slip is a closer view at the “Great Destroyer” of Year Zero. While I can certainly see the similarities, and with a little creativity connect the dots between the two, I would tend to think the stories are related in content and context, but not actually one and the same.

With this release, Reznor combines the raw energy of Pretty Hate Machine with the polished intensity of Year Zero, rounding it out with the commercial appeal of With Teeth. While I wouldn’t say this is anywhere close to his “strongest” album, it has a strange addictive quality to it. Whatever issues I may have with the pacing and flow (towards the end of the album), I just can’t stop listening to it. And the higher the volume, the better the experience.

01 999,999
02 1,000,000
03 Letting You
04 Discipline
05 Echoplex
06 Head Down
07 Lights in the Sky
08 Corona Radiata
09 The Four of Us Are Dying
10 Demon Seed

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