Friday, September 4, 2009

Gregor Samsa: Rest (4/5)

Year: 2008
Genre: Atmospheric Post-Rock
Label: Kora
TRT: 48:02

If you're looking for the next This Will Destroy You or God is an Astronaut, you might be best suited looking elsewhere. I hesitate to even label it as post rock, as Gregor Samsa's music is not patterned after the"typical" post rock structure and motiff.

The mountaintop is not the focus, but rather the journey itself. Because of this, Rest almost has more in common with the latest records from Grouper and Valet than the aforementioned bands.

Gorgeous textures, subtle organic layers and an ethereal atmosphere, rounded out with subdued vocals (both male and female) all contribute to the beauty of this release. Very relaxing and engrossing, and the "extra" instruments used (piano, xylophone, strings, et cetera) are used appropriately, in that they enhance the songs, everything works together for the benefit of the whole instead of each vying for your attention.

I didn't hear this album until early 2009, otherwise it would have been a strong contender for my 2008 top picks list.

01 The Adolescent
02 Ain Leuh
03 Abutting, Dismantling
04 Company
05 Jeroen Van Aken
06 Rendered Yards
07 Pseudonyms
08 First Mile, Last Mile
09 Du Meine Leise

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impronen said...

Good. Relaxing.