Thursday, December 3, 2009

Cloudkicker: The Discovery (5/5)

Year: 2008
Genre: Progressive Polyrhythmic Metal
Label: Self Released
TRT: 39:48

Writing extremely complex music that is as intricate as it is interesting is no small feat, yet Cloudkicker seems to achieve this effortlessly. Ben Sharp, the sole entity behind the moniker, seems to have a firm grasp on what he wants to accomplish, and executes his ideas flawlessly.

Fans of Meshuggah, Periphery, Animals as Leaders and simlar progressive poly-rhythmic acts will eat this up.

This is the sort of album that makes me sad most of my friends refuse to listen to metal.

So after I'd had the album on repeat for 3 days straight, I figured it was time to take the next step in our relationship. but after several minutes of frantic searching, I came to the realization that nothing Sharp has ever released has been anything but a download link from his myspace page.

This is exceedingly admirable as far as motives and intentions go, but for the hardened collector like myself, this is a travesty! So I would implore you...if you enjoy this album as much as I do, drop a note at his myspace page and ask him to go through with a physical release. Maybe if enough of us request it, our wish will be granted.

01 The Genesis Device
02 Dysphoria
03 Avalanche
04 Everything's Mirror
05 Viceroy
06 Segue
07 The Discovery
08 Covington
09 Triumverate!
10 States

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