Thursday, March 27, 2008

Azure Skies: Azure Skies (5/5)

Year: 2001
Label: Ant-Zen
Genre: Rhythmic Industrial Noise
TRT: 62:26

Azure Skies is the one-off collaboration of the artists behind Sanctum and Mental Destruction (who consequently also run the Northern Lights record label, home of the legendary Extol and Lengsel). And while you can see influences and styles from both, this transcends either in my mind. I've never heard anything else quite like it. There's something here that just envelopes you and washes you away, whether violently or subtly (sometimes both simultaneously). This is yet another album essential to the formation of my musical and artistic development.

It was released with four different covers, and it's damn near impossible to find a copy of any of them.

01 Crater
02 Deniability
03 Hydrazine
04 Collapse
05 In Eclipse
06 Bring Back Nothing
07 Still
08 Forward Contamination
09 Water, Tree, Stone

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tjg92 said...

This is awesome.