Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Jandek: Ready For the House (4.5/5)

Year: 1978
Label: Corwood Industries
Genre: Dark Folk
TRT: 42:43

Who is Jandek? Jandek is a maverick. Jandek is an outsider. Jandek is a musical nightmare. There is almost nothing aesthetically pleasing about anything this man has ever released in his career spanning 30 years and over 50 albums. With jangly out of tune guitars, tortured monotone vocal delivery and aimless meandering through sonically painful soundscapes.

There is really nothing at all for anyone to like about Jandek. No one should like Jandek. But yet for some reason, I love Jandek. When one is listening to songs such as Naked in the Afternoon or Know Thyself, it's almost as if the darkest parts, the most haunted parts of your own psyche are vociferating through the speakers. There's a connection there, as awful as it might sound.

This was the first Jandek album, originally released under the moniker The Units, which has never been used again for any other releases. It's Jandek's albums like this one that i liek the most, just him and a guitar and nothing else. On various later albums there's bass, drums and even the random guest vocalist, sometiems no vocals at all, sometimes nothing but vocals. And while those have there place, they're not what i go back to again and again.

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01 Naked in the Afternoon
02 First You Think Your Fortune's Lovely
03 What Can I Say, What Can I Sing
04 Show Me the Way, O Lord
05 Know Thy Self
06 They Told Me About You
07 Cave In On You
08 They Told Me I Was a Fool
09 European Jewel (Incomplete)

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