Thursday, March 27, 2008

Voice of Eye: Transmigration (4/5)

Year: 1995
Label: Cyclotron Industries
Genre: Ritual Dark Ambient
TRT: 67:28

Brooding and moody, meandering through hallways of silence and corridors of activity, Transmigration can be a bit ponderous to take in. But it's certainly worth the investment. With massive soundscapes that slowly creep under your skin and chill your veins, you might not want to listen to this one alone in the dark.

But you should.

01 Transmigration (Bardo I)
02 Transcendence
03 Sirens (Bardo II)
04 Tempest
05 Garden of Earthly Delights
06 Oblivion (Bardo III)

I have no idea where to buy this from.


jdsarge91 said...

Reup please =D

Opamania said...

I'd like a re-up for this as well. Can't find it anywhere! Thanks.

Zanate said...

This is a fabulous album, hard to find... REUP PLEASE!!

Praemorior said...

sorry that took so long. re-upped.

Zanate said...

GREAT!! Thanks