Monday, August 11, 2008

Embodyment: The Narrow Scope of Things (4.5/5)

Year: 2000
Label: Solid State
Genre: Melodic Hardcore
TRT: 52:03

I read a review of this album a year after it came out when I was really getting in to heavier music, and I tried to track it down for awhile to no avail. Then I received it as a birthday present to much excitement. At the time, I really loved the "hardcore" tracks, and did not care for the "melodic" tracks. But looking back on it and listening to the album now, I really do like every aspect of the album. Everything is very well crafted and put together. Even though it's nearly split in half between the two distinct sounds, they pull off both with remarkable ease.

Now when I first heard this album, I was unaware that just a few years earlier they had released a brutal death metal album, and that this was a drastic change for them. Similarly, the next year they completely dropped the hardcore element and went to straight up alternative rock. I've never been too much a fan of either ends of their spectrum, but this disc still holds it's own in my library.

01 Winter Kiss
02 Pendulum
03 One Less Addiction
04 Greedy Hands
05 Confessions
06 Assembly Line Humans
07 Prelude
08 Killing the Me in Me
09 Critical Error
10 Ballad
11 One Less Addiction (Acoustic)
12 The Aftermath of Closure

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