Thursday, August 28, 2008

Faust vs. Dalek: Derbe Respect, Alder

Year: 2004
Label: Staubgold
Genre: Dark Industrial Krautrap
TRT: 52:58

This is an extremely odd release. Two heavyweights of their respective forte join forces to create this mystery dish of an album. One part avant-garde krautrock, one part underground politically explicit rap, it's the sort of thing that makes you sit back and scratch your head. The strangest part about it though, is that it actually works. Not all the time, maybe not always for an entire track, but over-all this record will have you hooked, and you'll want to listen again in case you missed something.

If nothing else, there's little-to-nothing else out there like this, and that's worth at least a few listens.

01 Imagine What We Started
02 Hungry for Now
03 Remnants
04 Dead Lies
05 Erratic Thoughts
06 Bullets Need Violence
07 Collected Twighlight
08 T-electronique
09 Bonus Track

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