Monday, December 1, 2008

Jim Noir: Jim Noir (4.5/5)

Jonathan's #4 out of 20 Album of 2008

Year: 2008
Label: My Dad
Genre: Psychedelic Electronic Indie Pop
TRT: 57:37

Jim Noir (real name Alan Roberts) is an English singer-songwriter from Davyhulme, Manchester. This is his sophomore release and I have to say he just keeps getting better. Roberts goes deeper into his electronic side which normally I don't like too much of, but everything that goes on through-out the album just continues to uplift me. The harmonies are reminiscent of The Beach Boys but they have such a great tone that I never really caught myself thinking that until now. Honestly, this reminds me the most of the writing style of Caribou, because not only are the harmonies, electronic, and guitar wonderful, but the percussion on this album stays on par with all the other instruments. I'd have to say there is no lull in this album, everything continues to flow until it is finally over.

01 Welcome Commander Jameson
02 All Right
03 What U Gonna Do
04 Don't Worry
05 Ships and Clouds
06 Happy Day Today
07 Look Around You
08 Good Old Vinyl
09 Same Place Holiday
10 Day by Day by Day
11 Welcome CJ
12 On a Different Shelf
13 Forever Endeavor

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jpinho said...

Hey man! After diving into the past for last month, I came across your blog and found some great, present day, psychedelics. Jim Noir's really outstanding. Also check 'Andrew Douglas Rothbard','Benoît Pioulard:Précis',and anything by 'Broadcast' for further mind expansion. Thanx for all this.