Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Steal the Prize: I Want to Talk to God (5/5)

Year: 2009
Genre: Psychedelic Rock
Label: Self-Released
TRT: 52:29

These guys are young, talented, brilliant, and hard working. Every song has been perfectly crafted to stand the test of time. The band looks for the big picture when writing songs and I think it comes across nicely especially with the lyrics complementing the vibes sent out through the songs.

The album is a concept based around the lives of the guys in the band...starting with the first song you get the idea that the band has control by making a catchy hit with lyrics about feeling crazy. By the second song you will start to understand this is going to be a psychedelic album.....and believe me, you wouldn't be more right, this album is soaked in the perspective and oneness that come from psychedelics.

The band overall if I had to categorize them would be a sweet fusion of Led Zeppelin & The Beatles. You might have an idea of what you think they sound like from that mix but it'll be different because this band is truly one of the most unique new bands out right now. They aren't just taking the styles that worked in the 60's and 70's and working it into their music like a lot of bands these days, but they are making their own music from their own standards not necessarily caring about what the masses might think.

This is an album about doing and being......


01 Some Things Don't Translate
02 The Opposite of Space
03 You're My Moment
04 You Go Left, I Go Righteous
05 If These Walls Could Talk
06 Us or Me
07 All the Pretty Ladies
08 Outrun the Sun
09 Let Me Know
10 Pledge Allegiance to Planet Earth
11 The Skeptics Were Right
12 Born Again, Again


Webb said...

Hey Jonny, you should use this description on the last.fm page for this album. That way you'll get the credit for posting it, since you wrote it.

Sebastian said...

Nice to see Steal the Prize on this blog