Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Unsane: Visqueen (4/5)


Year: 2007
Genre: Post Hardcore Sludge
Label: Ipecac
TRT: 42:08

Unsane has been around for close to two decades, but I just recently checked them out. As often happens with a band that's been around for so long, one loses the urgency to investigate, and they slowly get lost on an endless list of bands "to check out". So when I saw this cd for $4, I was interested, but when I flipped it over and saw they were now on Mike Patton's label, I was sold, and I bought it.

What I was immediately impressed with was the clear, upfront and meaty basslines found on this disc. Very heavy and mean sounding. The vocals are not usually something I'm fond of, but the throaty yells of Chris Spencer really feel at home here, and fit perfectly. The combination of those things paired with mid-paced and methodical drumming over sludgy, driving guitars make for an experience with an unexpected groove that makes you want to nod your head to the beat, while raising your fist in protest of...anything and everything.

01 Against the Grain
02 Last Man Standing
03 This Stops at the River
04 Only Pain
05 No One
06 Windshield
07 Shooting Clay
08 Line on the Wall
09 Disdain
10 Eat Crow
11 East Broadway

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Anonymous said...

Great album, the bass lines put this one over the top!