Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Bohren & der Club of Gore: Dolores (4.5/5)

Year: 2008
Genre: Slowburn Doom Jazz Noir
Label: Ipecac
TRT: 58:23

This band kept popping up on my radar, and after one particularly avid fan beseeched me to bump them up in my queue, I obliged.

This is the definition of "mood" music. Dark, slow paced, schmaltzy and ominous, Bohren & der Club of Gore took jazz and made it what they wanted it to be, not what it was "supposed" to be. It really blows my mind how much I enjoy this, as jazz has never really been very agreeable to my sensibilities. The best thing is, apparently their early catalog is even better than this one.

I highly recommend putting this on while you read a good book, it sets an absolutely spectacular atmosphere.

01 Staub
02 Karin
03 Schwarze Biene (Black Maja)
04 Unkerich
05 Still am Tresen
06 Welk
07 Von Schnäbeln
08 Orgelblut
09 Faul
10 Welten

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