Monday, August 22, 2011

Nadja & OvO: The Life and Death of a Wasp (4/5)

Year: 2010
Genre: Noir Doomjazz
Label: Adaigo 830
TRT: 34:16

Nadja has made some excellent music, and some extremely boring music, so I always approach a new release with a healthy level of skepticism. By about a minute into this one however, I completely forgot to be skeptical. This is completely different from anything else Aidan Baker or OvO has ever done. Yes, it's still gloomy, yes at times it's got some doomy drone, but the atmosphere here is very noir and has a feel more like Bohren & der Club of Gore than Jesu. This is also a strange album due to it's subject matter, with creepy Jarboe-esque vocalizations meant to be the wasp that is doomed to a liquid grave. It's weird as hell. And I love it.

01 Movement 1: A Wasp Flying Around the Sugar Jar
02 Movement 2: Trapped in the Jar
03 Movement 3: Put Some Sugar in My Cup, Please
04 Movement 4: Drowned in Coffee


Hank J. Heyming said...

Really, this album?

Praemorior said...

Shhhh, it's alright old man. Just go listen to Brodyquest and Nyan cat a dozen times to sooth your disposition.