Thursday, January 12, 2012

Nero: Welcome Reality (4.5/5)

Joshua's Top 10 Albums of 2011
#7 of 10

Year: 2011
Genre: Electro Dubstep
Label: Mercury
TRT: 61:05

This two man DJ group has been lighting up stages and playing sets all over the world for many years, so the expectation for their debut album was pretty high. But I don't think anyone thought this was the album they'd make. Instead of going for the "easy kill" by coupling some nasty drops with some glitch ambient intros (rinse/repeat), they wrote an actual album containing actual songs. You can tell they put a great deal of effort into these tracks, they're not just a handful of club-friendly wubs and wobbles. This album is like the best parts of Justice and Skrillex combined with Nero's own singunature production. The result speaks for its self. Glitchy grooves, catchy hooks and drops that are somehow more "wholesome" than "filthy". This is one that's going to be getting a lot of play from me for a long time.

01 2808
02 Doomsday
03 My Eyes
04 Guilt
05 Fugue State
06 Me and You
07 Innocence
08 In the Way
09 Scorpions
10 Crush on You
11 Must Be the Feeling
12 Reaching Out

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