Friday, February 29, 2008

Battle of Mice: A Day of Nights (5/5)

Year: 2006
Label: Neurot
Genre: Dark Shoegaze Sludge
TRT: 46:02

This band is comprised of members from Made out of Babies, Red Sparowes and Book of Knots, and is singularily disturbing. Delicate to crushing in .01 seconds. I would describe their sound as a more demented Neurosis & Jarboe, or Circle Takes the Square playing ISIS.

Here's an excerb from their myspace:

"...A Day of Nights documents the savage trajectory of an interpersonal flameout. It is a litany of ominous overtones and malicious subtext, a catalogue of the poisons that conspire to choke our best intentions; a testament to the inexorable miasma of suspicion and paranoia that creeps, unannounced, into the open spaces between us all. Which isnt to say that beauty and grace cannot be the handmaidens of ugliness and dysfunction: A Day of Nights is nothing if not mesmerizing; a living, breathing monument to the optimistic notion that everything happens for a reason. And despite any unseemly events that may have transpired, there WILL be more Battle of Mice Records to come."

Definately a must-hear. But be careful where you listen to this will probably terrify you and those around you.

01 Lamb and the Labrador
02 Bones in the Water
03 Sleep and Dream
04 Salt Bridge
05 Wrapped in Plain
06 At the Base of the Giant's Throat
07 Cave of Spleen

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Fretless said...

I'm on the second track and already amazed and thankful that there are people out there thinking of this kind of music and commiting it to disc.