Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Cursive: Happy Hollow (3.5/5)

#6 Album for 2006

Year: 2006
Label: Saddle Creek
Genre: Progressive Indie
TRT: 47:34

Writing a follow up album to such a landmark cd like the ugly organ is no easy task. Especially when one of the defining features of the cd, the cellist, parts ways with the band. But have no fear. To fill the gap left by Greta Cohn, Cursive adds a five piece horn section to the mix. And the result is quite satisfying. The music is solid and instantly likable, with lyrics that are deeper and more thought provoking than anything else this band has put out, chronicling life in a fictional somewhat backwards mid-western town called, yup, Happy Hollow. What will they think of next...

01 Opening the Hymnal / Babies
02 Dorothy at Forty
03 Big Bang
04 Bad Sects
05 Flag and Family
06 Dorothy Dreams of Tornados
07 Retreat!
08 The Sunks
09 At Conception
10 So-So Gigolo
11 Bad Science
12 Into the Fold
13 Rise Up! Rise Up!
14 Hymns for the Heathen

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