Friday, June 13, 2008

The Heuristic: Parapraxes (4/5)

Year: 2005
Label: Black Box
Genre: Chaotic Mathcore
TRT: 16:41

I saw this band when they were on tour with Swarm of the Lotus, and they brought a lot of intensity to the floor. This short cd dosen't quite match their performance, but there are still some very good moments, and I look forward to seeing what direction they take in the future.

Recommended if you like Daughters, The Locust, or other similar artists.

01 Max Planck vs. The Army Of Darkness
02 There Is No Square Root of Negative One in Team
03 Speed Lemur Houses Ex-Endurance On Account Of Perspicacity
04 This Is First Manassas
05 Second Manassas
06 Jack Ruby Tuesday
07 The Transylvania Lottery
08 E: Redheaded Stepchild Of The Non Repeating Decimals
09 Mississippi Delta Force

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