Sunday, June 8, 2008

Spitfire: Self-Help (5/5)

#1 Album of 2006

Year: 2006
Label: Goodfellow
Genre: Chaotic Mathcore
TRT: 33:31

This album was released in February, and it did not move down on my Top 10 for 2006 list for a second. The full on assault of chaos and fury are the perfect juxtaposition of previous Spitfire and Scarlet styles. John Spencer is one of the best vocalists in the genre, period. His writing and lyrical prowess have improved greatly since his time in Scarlet, and his placements are spot on throughout the record. I believe this album will stand the test of time, and remain a favorite for years to come.

01 Meat Market
02 Go Ape
03 Life and Limb
04 Dear John
05 Leap of Faith
06 U.V. I.V.
07 Great White Noise
08 Comfort (The Iceman Cometh)
09 Suicide Cult Is Dead
10 Kings of the Food Chain
11 Ohm Driver

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