Thursday, July 30, 2009

Nektar: Recycled (5/5)

Year: 1975
Genre: Progressive Psychedelic Space Rock
Label: Bacillus
TRT: 36:51

On this album the band chooses their tried and true method of performing a movement of songs into one piece....which for the days of vinyl (dealing with two sides) is an excellent choice. This album continues in the same vein as the few previous releases...except the music has now been formed into a more synth prog. The samples the band uses are very futuristic sounding and even for music created in the 70's; I think it still holds true today. From being an intense Nektar fan I can tell they are really pulling all the positive things from their past albums and combining it together for this release. This is another really solid effort from Nektar and the artwork again is wild and trippy....there are always small little details in the artwork that when you see it from the big picture...blow your mind. Enjoy...

01. Recycle
02. Cybernetic Consumption
03. Recycle Countdown
04. Automation Horrorscope
05. Recycling
06. Flight to Reality
07. Unendless Imaginations
08. Sao Paulo Sunrise
09. Costa Del Sol
10. Marvellous Moses
11. It's All Over

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