Thursday, July 30, 2009

Nektar: A Tab in the Ocean (5/5)

Year: 1972
Genre: Progressive Psychedelic Space Rock
Label: Bacillus
TRT: 35:50

I've seen pretty mixed reviews on this album but ratings and polls aside, I think this album has something very special about it...especially the B side. Really the most amazing information about this album is that it is their 2nd album of 1972. It's like they went as far out as you can go on hallucinogenics for "Journey to the Centre of the Eye" and as they came down they were able to relate their huge ideas they got from different perspectives into a more arranged and cohesive conversation.

I really think this has the "Obscured by Clouds" & "Dark Side of the Moon" feel and it's got the very professional orchestrated arrangement that a lot of psychedelic rock bands didn't even worry about because they were okay with the chaotic drug-induced arrangements that pushed other boundaries. But there is something really amazing about listening to a very carefully arranged recording and still getting all the psychedelic nuances of a Pink Floyd album. The lightly distorted organ is omnipresent and I love it because organ is one of my favorite instruments to hear done well. The epic 16 minutes "A Tab in the Ocean" is made of aggressive symphonic keyboards and electric guitar full of distortion, near metal sometimes! They can really go anywhere they want in the realm of uncapped infinite sounds and pull down the exact sounds to convey what they are feeling. Nektar is therefore very underrated.

01. A Tab in the Ocean
02. Desolation Valley, Waves
03. Crying in the Dark
04. King Of Twilight

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