Friday, July 31, 2009

Snake River Conspiracy: Sonic J!had (4.5/5)

Year: 2000
Genre: Industrial Goth Rock
Label: Morpheus
TRT: 45:55

I went through a huge industrial goth phase in my teenage years, especially when it came to female fronted ones.

This band is/was comprised of two people, Tobey Torres (that's a chick) on vocals, and Jason Slater (former bassist of Third Eye Blind) on everything else. I think they added a guitarist later.

Unlike their musical contemporaries (Collide, Kidneythieves, et cetera), most of thier lyrics are self-satirizing and tongue in cheek. Very entertaining. This, their lone album, also contains two of the best covers I've ever heard, Love Song (The Cure) and How Soon is Now (The Smiths).

I keep hoping that one day a sophmore release will appear out of no where and blow me away, but for now, I'll just have to be content with what is available.

01 Breed
02 Casualty
03 You and Your Friend
04 Lovesong
05 Act Your Age
06 More Than Love
07 Strangled
08 Oh Well
09 Somebody Loves You
10 Vulcan
11 How Soon is Now?

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