Thursday, July 30, 2009

Nektar: Remember the Future (5/5)

Year: 1973
Genre: Progressive Psychedelic Space Rock
Label: Bacillus
TRT: 35:39

This is another of those all too rare perfect albums. It all just fits together seamlessly and despite its age, is a rather intoxicating and enjoyable listen. I've owned this on album (LP) for about a year and I can't stop listening to is my favorite Nektar album in their extensive catalog. Nektar may just be the most solid band of the 70's besides the greats (Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin & Yes).

If you know anything about Nektar then you know they were all about combining the experience they provide...from their light show which was said to put all other bands to their always amazing cover their well thought-out/intelligent and ultimately "real" lyrics....they really cover the spectrum that is involved with what music has to offer.

The lyrics on this album have gone beyond just the normal concept that was ever-so-popular in the prog scene at the time; they actually make it a complete conversation between a blind boy & a spiritual bird. I would recommend finding the lyrics to this album and reading them as you listen through the entire album in one sitting. It honestly may change the way you look at life. This is virtually a flawless example of early 70's prog-rock at its it cleverly avoids all the cliches of the genre. "Classic".

01. Remember the Future: Part I
02. Remember the Future: Part II

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zappahead said...

Proberly one of there least known albums i would say but excellent stuff thank you...didnt they have some connection with the man band?....sounds musically they did.....anyways cheers.