Monday, January 11, 2010

Saxon Shore: It Dosen't Matter (4.5/5)

Joshua's Non-Metal Picks for 2009
#5 of 10

Year: 2009
Genre: Post-Rock
Label: &Records
TRT: 75:41

Saxon Shore has been around for a while. Even so, they're often overlooked. I've always regarded them as a sort of pioneering older brother, who's siblings come behind and perfect their example.

With this album, Saxon Shore has stepped up their game, and established themselves as a post rock heavy weight. Everything about this album is far and away better than anything they've released previously. The build ups are better, the quiet parts are better, the pretty parts are prettier, and the climaxes are orgasmic. The addition of ethereal female vocals is also executed tastefully.

All in all, this album has the potential to become my favorite post rock album ever. Check back in five years for an update.

01 Nothing Changes
02 Thanks for Being Away
03 Tweleven
04 This Place
05 Sustained Combustion
06 Bar Clearing Good Times
07 What Keeps Us Up
08 Small Steps
09 Tokyo 412am
10 Goodnight, So Long
11 Amber, Ember, Glow
12 Secret Fire, Blinding Light

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