Monday, January 11, 2010

Tegan and Sara: Sainthood (5/5)

Joshua's Non-Metal Picks for 2009
#3 0f 10

Year: 2009
Genre: Electro Pop Rock
Label: Sire
TRT: 36:57

Sainthood is chock full of catchy and inventive pop songs just screaming to be played on the radio. It's infectious and addictive, and I like it more every time I listen. One thing that struck me upon repeated listens, is that different songs would jump out at me each time. That's something I don't come across often, if ever.

The lyrical focus is not as dark as 2007's The Con, at least not at first blush. But upon further inspection, it becomes clear that they still have the same level of urgency, even if their hearts are no longer on their sleeve. Their vocal runs are also as clever as ever, half the time that's what gets stuck in my head for days.

And once again, they hit the perfect album length of 37:00, which is just a tad shorter than you want it to be, causing back to back listens on a regular basis.

Another couple albums of this caliber, and I'd be hard pressed not to list them among my favorite acts.

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02 Don't Rush
03 Hell
04 On Directing
05 Red Belt
06 The Cure
07 Northshore
08 Night Watch
09 Alligator
10 Paperback Head
11 The Ocean
12 Sentimental Tune
13 Someday

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