Thursday, January 7, 2010

A Storm of Light: Forgive Us Our Trespasses (4.5/5)

Joshua's Top 10 Metal Albums of 2009
#5 of 10

Year: 2009
Genre: Atmospheric Sludge Metal
Label: Neurot
TRT: 59:35

Shortly after I bought Primitive North, this album dropped in my lap. I had no idea it was coming out, and so needless to say, I was elated.

And once again, Josh Graham and company do not disappoint.

Forgive Us Our Trespasses is a sort of apology to our planet, chronicling the human race through time, and ostinsebly our impending demise. Graham again goes to great lengths to set the mood and atmosphere, commisioning help from spoken word artist Lydia Lunch and the indemnable Jarboe, among others.

As far as I'm concerned, this album cements A Storm of Light as a sludge metal mainstay, as they continue to be the shining star in the sea of underachieving contemporaries.

01 Alpha (Law of Nature Part I)
02 Amber Waves of Grey
03 Tempest
04 The light in Their Eyes
05 Trouble is Near
06 Arc of Failure (Law of Nature Part II)
07 Midnight
08 Across the Wilderness
09 Time Our Savior (Law of Nature Part III)
10 Omega

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Can you please re-upload this? Thank you~

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