Thursday, November 20, 2008

Brightblack Morning Light: Motion to Rejoin (4/5)

Jonathan's #13 out of 20 Album of 2008

Year: 2008
Label: Matador
Genre: Neo Psychedelia
TRT: 49:16

Brightblack Morning Light (formerly Brightblack) is a band based in New Mexico, specializing in permutations of folk rock and psychedelic music.

"Motion to Rejoin" is a great album to chill/relax/reflect and discover something new to. It's a down-tempo listen that has the same feel as the last album, but the mystical shimmering of the rhodes piano mixed with the fuzzy guitar sounds accompanied by slightly brushed drums and shakers is just the perfect style to continue forward with. Each song brings about the experiences of living the simple life that the members of this band live day to day, and I think that really shines through the music because they are so open to those feelings.

This is an album I'm going to have to keep going back to so that I can reconnect to the feelings of the simple but yet spiritually amazing sounds of this duo.

01 Introduction
02 Hologram Buffalo
03 Gathered Years
04 Opressions Each
05 Another Reclaimation
06 A Rainbow Aims
07 Summer Hoof
08 Past a Weatherbeaten Fencepost
09 When Beads Spell Power Leaf

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