Friday, November 21, 2008

The Dodos: Visiter (4.5/5)

Jonathan's #8 out of 20 Album of 2008

Year: 2008
Label: Wichita
Genre: Indie Folk Pop
TRT: 59:09

The Dodos formed in the early part of 2006 in San Francisco; shortly afterward, band member Meric Long released an EP entitled "Dodo Bird".

On "Visiter", the very interesting thing that first stood out was the slapping of acoustic guitar strings against the frets meshed with the layered drum beats. Usually, musicians try to avoid the strings hitting the frets, but it really works on these songs.

This album is one of those that just keeps growing on you, although on the first listen I was already loving it. As I keep listening to this album, I continue to find places through-out where the intricacies of certain parts engage me to really listen to everything going on. It really amazes me how much the band is able to accomplish with such few instruments.

01 Walking
02 Ted and Purple
03 Eyelids
04 Fools
05 Joe's Waltz
06 Winter
07 It's That Time Again
08 Paint the Rust
09 Park Song
10 Jodi
11 Ashley
12 The Season
13 Undeclared
14 God?

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