Wednesday, November 19, 2008

King of Prussia: Save the Scene (4/5)

Jonathan's #20 out of 20 Album of 2008

Year: 2008
Label: Kindercore
Genre: Psychedelic Pop, Indie Rock
TRT: 25:44

King of Prussia is a band from Athens, GA and I'm not surprised. I really can't believe how many bands keep coming up from this city. "Save the Scene" is best described by anti-commercialism clashing into nostalgia. I could better define the nostalgia by saying the album reminds me a lot of The Byrds at their best on "The Notorious Byrd Brothers" mixed with some of what The Beatles did through-out their gigantic discography. Honestly, there were not as many hooks as I would have liked coming from a band like this, but I almost think that this is the style of band leader/lyricist/singer Brandon Hanick.

01 Spain in the Summertime
02 Shades Of Hippiedom
03 Misadventures Of The Campaign
04 Cheerleaders
05 The Doctor & the Mathematicians
06 Terrarium
07 Physics Never Stood A Chance

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