Thursday, December 31, 2009

Ancestors: Of Sound Mind (4/5)

Jonathan's #13 out of 20 Album of 2009

Year: 2009
Label: Tee Pee
Genre: Progressive Doom Rock
TRT: 1:11:29

Originally I saw this album tagged as doom metal and personally I'm not a fan of that genre because I can't get into growling & screaming....but I read a review that said these guys incorporate an organ which caught my attention. On the first listen I already had begun to like me it sounds more like progressive doom rock. I like the progressive aspect and also that the organ's presence is a staple within the band. The guitar solos are also remarkably distinguished. Sometimes the feeling in a riff needs to have a slight bend in pitch which these guys utilize at the right moments.

As for the vocals they are practically non-existent throughout the entirety of the album...but when they turn-up it is more singing than screaming. In fact, there is a good amount of harmony in the majority of the vocal runs. I found myself a few times getting lost in the middle of their compositions...which a lot of people take for granted and turn away from these types of songs....but for me I see it as a chance to come back to a song and continue to get more familiar with it. This recording has a nice cohesive flow that changes enough with the solos and bridge parts to really hook a listener. I could deal with out the part at the end of "Bounty of Age" where the vocalist sounds like he's choking himself but still trying to hit melodies...but I think that is my only objection to the whole recording. If the vocalist could have just stuck with the raspy King Crimson-esque style it would have worked better in my opinion.

01 From Nothing
02 Mother Animal
03 Not the Last Return
04 Bounty of Age
05 A Friend
06 The Trial
07 Chellenging
08 The Ambrose Law

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