Thursday, December 31, 2009

Wilco: Wilco (The Album) (4/5)

Jonathan's #18 out of 20 Album of 2009

Year: 2009
Label: Nonesuch
Genre: Alternative Country Rock
TRT: 42:46

First off....personally I prefer "Sky Blue Sky" to this album, but that doesn't mean this album isn't worth exploring. Wilco has come to the point in their career where they are really meshing in the studio. All the sounds are so clear and of the highest quality. I love the organ sounds and the guitar tone is pretty when you got both going it's a real treat.

The songs are obviously well written, but some of them seem to be sitting more in the background of this album rather than taking their perspective spot on the recording. Every time I listen to this, I get things that I like a lot and I get things that I don't like so much. I'll keep listening to this album and see how it sits in the future.

01 Wilco (The Song)
02 Deeper Down
03 One Wing
04 Bull Black Nova
05 You and I
06 You Never Know
07 Country Disappeared
08 Solitaire
09 I'll Fight
10 Sunny Feeling
11 Everlasting Everything

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