Thursday, December 31, 2009

Secret Powers: Secret Powers And The Electric Family Choir (4/5)

Jonathan's #19 out of 20 Album of 2009

Year: 2009
Label: Self-Released
Genre: Psychedelic Sunshine Pop
TRT: 52:37

This album has a lot of interesting bits to it...first throughout the entire recording there are short pod casts that sound like they were recorded from the microphone of the recording engineer (which may have been a guy in the band). Each pod cast is a comedic approach of showing interactions between the band's personnel...along with Schmed Maynes (song-writer & musician for Secret Powers) self-proclaiming and being called the 'Messiah'.

The most interesting thing about the song writing is that it echoes a lot of the 60s-70s pop hits and their song writing formulas that have become so big over the years. Although you should expect to hear the effects of a psychedelic tidal wave having crashed all over this album. You may experience some secret powers along the way.

01 Introduction
02 Pod Cast #1
03 Orange Trees
04 Pod Cast #2
05 Maryanne
06 Pod Cast #3
07 By the Sea
08 Heavy
09 Lazy Men
10 Pod Cast #4
11 Misery
12 Ghost Town
13 Treat Your Mother Nice
14 Smoething About that Girl
15 Pod Cast #5
16 One Less Star
17 Pod Cast #6
18 You Know It's Time
19 Pod Cast #7
20 Both Sides of the Candle

Kool Kat Music - Secret Powers

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