Thursday, December 31, 2009

Steal the Prize: I Want to Talk to God (5/5)

Jonathan's #1 out of 20 Album of 2009

Year: 2009
Label: Self-Released
Genre: Psychedelic Rock
TRT: 58:13

I will first say that I live with these guys and it obviously makes me biased...but I think because I live with them, I've connected to these songs and the album as a whole.

I believe "I Want to Talk to God" epitomizes my description of this list so well that it has to be my number one album of the year. To me music is the creative expression of the deepest point in the core of an artist/band. Steal the Prize is a very versatile band that can rock a song as hard as Led Zeppelin then on another song write a perfect pop hit with the lyrics taking the forefront. The lyrics are non-stop in provoking thought on ideas that sometimes get lost in the everyday routine....while the music is eclectic and beautiful.

It seems that every song has been crafted to stand the test of time as the band looks for the big picture when writing a song...and I think it comes across nicely especially with the lyrics complementing the vibes sent out through the songs.

This recording proves that Steal the Prize isn't trying to fit into any specific genre as much as they are being themselves musically....which I respect and admire a lot. Pick this up at a show and experience the art that is within the package.

This is an album about doing and being......

01 Some Things Don't Translate
02 The Opposite of Space
03 You're My Moment
04 You Go Left, I Go Righteous
05 If These Walls Could Talk
06 Us or Me
07 All the Pretty Ladies
08 Outrun the Sun
09 Let Me Know
10 Pledge Allegiance to Planet Earth
11 The Skeptics Were Right
12 Born Again, Again

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