Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Between the Buried and Me: Colors (5/5)

#4 out of 10
Metal Album of 2007

Year: 2007
Label: Victory
Genre: Progressive Metalcore
TRT: 64:09

Colors is a huge step forward in the evolution of this band. As polarizing as it is addicting. You still have intense technicality, but it’s more mature, seasoned. This album is like an eight piece puzzle that fits together perfectly, with dozens of smaller puzzles contained within the songs themselves, going from beautiful piano parts, to blistering guitar-work, to off kilter Patton-esque vocal parts overtop honky-tonk piano, to a drunken bar sing-along. It will take you by surprise, it might make you a bit uneasy, but it all fits together. However, my favorite part of the whole production is the song transitions. They’re perfect. Seamless. A Work of Art. I was not prepared for the transition from Informal Gluttony into Sun of Nothing, and I almost wrecked my car when I heard it. One of my favorite parts of music ever written. Also, Blake Richardson deserves a special mention, because the drumming on this album is spectacular, far beyond any expectations. This album will age much better than any of their previous albums, I can already tell.
Review by Praemorior

#10 out of 10
Metal Album of 2007
I feel like I have a love/hate relationship with Between The Buried & Me's "Colors". Everytime I listen to it I get something new that I love more than my first listen, but there are still a few parts that just don't sit right. I feel the vibe they were going with and they do it well, but why put in parts that just twist the vibe?
Review by |A Study in Temperament|

part 1
part 2

01 Foam Born: (A) The Backtrack
02 (B) The Decade of Statues
03 Informal Gluttony
04 Sun of Nothing
05 Ants of the Sky
06 Prequel to the Sequel
07 Viridian
08 White Walls

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