Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Ulf Söderberg: Tidvatten (3.5/5)

Year: 1998
Label: Slow Moon
Genre: Tribal Ambient
TRT: 57:09

A very atmospheric offering from the Swede behind Sephiroth, Tidvatten contains dark and beautiful soundscapes of an almost spiritual persuasion, with tribal drums and field recordings from the Frozen North playing a major role.

download part 1
download part 2

01 Hennes Vingars Skugga
02 I Vargmånens Tid
03 Ecuatoria
04 Tidvatten Part I
05 Nattstaden
06 Nordvinterögon
07 Järtecken
08 Ammons Hav
09 Tempel Och Katedral Reser Sig Ur Djupen
10 Tidvatten Part II

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