Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Hilary Duff: Dignity (3.5/5)

Biggest Surprise of 2007

Year: 2007
Label: Hollywood
Genre: Electro Dance Pop

The surprise? Half the tracks on this album are superb. The other half are what you would expect, fluff and drivel, but the other seven tracks are absolutely steller dance pop tracks with catchy beats and meaningful lyrics. Don't miss out on this, because if you ignore it just because it's Hilary Duff, the jokes on you.

I have taken the liberty of only uploading the worthwhile tracks (including a rare remix), so quit it with the elitist bullshit and click the link.

01 Stranger
02 Dignity
03 With Love
04 Danger
05 Gypsy Woman
06 Never Stop
07 No Work, All Play
08 Between You and Me
09 Dreamer
10 Happy
11 Burned
12 Outside of You
13 I Wish
14 Play With Fire
15 With Love (DJ Kaya Remix) (Japanese Import Only)

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Tasha said...

Those are my favorite tracks as well. =)

Anonymous said...

this album is amazing. i listened it here: http://lavamus.com/Album/2292567/Hilary_Duff/Dignity/mp3/