Friday, February 8, 2008

Secret Chiefs 3: Book M (4/5)

Year: 2001
Label: Web of Mimicry
Genre: Avant-Garde
TRT: 54:52

A genre-bending amalgamation from the half of Mr. Bungle that isn't Mike Patton. There aren't many ways to describe this album other than "emperimental" and "avant-garde", but if I were to take a stab at it, I would label it as "the bastard child of traditional jewish folk music and trance/electronica". Needless to say, an interesting combination. One worth checking out.

01 Knights of Damcar
02 Haga Sophia
03 Vajra
04 Ship of Fools (Stone of Exile)
05 Horsemen of the Invisible
06 Combat for the Angel
07 Zulfiqar III
08 Siege Perious
09 Dolorous Stroke
10 Blaze of the Grail
11 Lapist Exillis
12 Lapis Bailtulous
13 Safina

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