Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Blotted Science: The Machinations of Demensia (5/5)

#3 out of 10
Metal Album of 2007

Year: 2007
Label: Unsigned
Genre: Instrumental Progressive Metal
TRT: 57:15

As a testament to it’s greatness, I didn’t hear this album until October, and it was almost immediately not just in my favorites of the year, but counted as one of the best instrumental albums I’ve ever heard. If I had to make a comparison, I would describe this album as the result of James Malone from Arsis suffering from extreme sleep deprivation and listening to nothing but Meshuggah for days until finally passing out. If you are familiar with Spastic Ink and other Jarzombeck projects, you probably already know about this record, and it’s probably in your headphones right now.
Review by Praemorior

#6 out of 10
Metal Album of 2007

First off if you like Between The Buried & Me you'll love this album. It's instrumental but the riffs will keep you entertained. In the first song "Synaptic Plasticity" I was listening and then this crazy drum roll came out of nowhere and this heavy guitar tone that was absent before just stunned me. This will continue to happen over and over through out the album. When you get to the end listen to the last two songs again (this may sound strange). The last two songs are unique in that, the last song is the song before it in reverse. This was pointed out to me by Praemorior, and I love that you can hear the beats and guitars from the opposite and reverse end.
Review by |A Study in Temperament|

01 Synaptic Plasticity
02 Laser Lobotomy
03 Brain Fingerprinting
04 Oscillation Cycles
05 Activation Synthesis Theory
06 R.E.M.
07 Night Terror
08 Bleeding In The Brain
09 Vegetation
10 Narcolepsy
11 E.E.G. Tracings
12 Sleep Deprivation
13 The Insomniac
14 Amnesia
15 Adenosine Breakdown
16 Adenosine Buildup

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