Wednesday, February 27, 2008

The Psyke Project: Apnea (4.5/5)

#6 out of 10
Metal Album of 2007

Year: 2007
Label: Lifeforce
Genre: Post Metal Sludge
TRT: 56:01

Another new blip on my radar. I avoided listening to this album for months and months, because I couldn’t get over their dumb moniker and cheesy artwork. But when I finally did, I regretted my shallow behavior immensely. Because these guys kill. Hailing from Denmark, they rise above the some-what muddled slew of mediocre sludge bands spawned over the past few years. This is an easy band to get in to, because they really convey emotion well, and also their songs are short compared to many in the genre. With most songs being between 3 and 7 minutes long, they’re a good choice for someone who likes the sound of bands such as ISIS and Neurosis, but doesn’t care to invest so much time per listen.

01 The Voice of Commandment
02 I Get Paralyzed
03 Panic
04 Creating Landscapes
05 Physical Romance
06 Dedication
07 Love Shown In a Handful of Dirt
08 Poems Written By Kings
09 Jugganata
10 Not in My Time

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