Thursday, February 28, 2008

Veni Domine: Material Sanctuary (4.5/5)

: 1994
Label: Thunderload
Genre: Atmospheric Power Doom
TRT: 65:42

Pretty inventive for the time, combining the heavy elements of doom metal with the vocal stylings of power metal, with none of the silliness. Choral arrangements and keyboards add a good dose of "epic" to this prophetic tale of imminent destruction.

eBay is a much better place to aquire this title as well as their debut Fall Babylon Fall, as Amazon users seem to be a bit more unwilling to part with their copies.

01 The Meeting
02 Ecclesiastes
03 Material Sanctuary
04 Ritual of the Sinner
05 The Mass
06 Behold the Signs
07 Wrath of the Lion
08 Beyond the Doom
09 Baroque Moderne

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