Thursday, February 14, 2008

Nadja: Touched [Re-Release] (4/5)

Year: 2007
Label: Alien8
Genre: Doomgaze
TRT: 59:57

I didn't get around to listening to Nadja until 2007 was already over, and boy am I bummed about that. The level of heavy found here is astounding, and the layered atmosphere created by the fuzzy and distorted sound is calming as the hurricanes eye...ready to drown you as soon as you turn your back to it. This is one of four 2007 releases, bringing Aiden Baker's total up to 12 releases in four short years. The truly astounding thing being that every album is as solid as the last, making his one of the most consistantly awesome discography's I can think of.

01 Mutagen
02 Stays Demons
03 Incubation/Metamorphosis
04 Flowers of Flesh
05 Untitled

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