Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Training For Utopia: Plastic Soul Impalement (5/5)

: 1998
Label: Solid State
Genre: Chaotic Mathcore
TRT: 48:00

Plastic Soul Impalement was released in the same year as The Dillinger Escape Plan: Calculating Infinity and Meshuggah: Chaosphere. Sadly, with Solid State Records still in it's infancy, Plastic Soul Impalement slipped through the cracks and into obscurity. Which is a shame, because this is one of the most furiously disturbing records I've come across, and it's been a favorite of mine since day one.

Note: There are two different album covers, as the ken doll artwork was deemed too controversial for Solid State's "christian market". You can find copies of both on eBay pretty cheap.

01 Plastic Soul Impalement
02 A Good Feeling
03 Brother Hezakiah
04 Two Hands
05 Pretty Picture of Lies
06 Black Forest
07 One Zero One
08 Burning Match in Hand
09 Burning Match in Hand
10 Human Shield
11 Single Handed Attempt at Revolution
12 A Gift To a Dying Friend

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